Last night I was one of 50,000 volunteers at the dress rehearsal for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I won’t give away any details, not after producer David Atkins (also of the Sidney 2000 ceremonies) pleaded with us not to reveal this beautiful gift that will be lovingly presented tomorrow to Vancouver, to Canada, to The World. OK, you can forgive him the hyperbole. He’s clearly been working hard. It’s no Beijing, but the show is pretty cool.

Why then is the Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) showing clips of it today? I’m sitting in the alpine press center and, in between Lindsey Vonn’s husband doing interviews, a US skier getting heli-vac’d out and training runs getting canceled (again), I’m watching clips of Aboriginals dancing and Irish fiddlers. Like I said, not giving anything away: the OBS was showing the clips. And it’s not like the reporters covering one of the most dangerous sports in the Olympics are going to pay much attention to feathered headgear and tartan kilts.

Feathers and kilts… Hmmm… not that compelling. I guess they really are saving the good stuff for tomorrow. Especially that phallic part. My mind’s not in the gutter. It was unmistakeable. Maybe it’ll look different on TV…. we’ll have to wait and see.

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